AHRS India is delighted to announce the starting a Research grant for FULL MEMBERS of AHRS India with good standing.

The grant can be awarded for:

One -Research involving clinical procedure where a surgeon or team is involved. Two - Research involving lab tests, investigations, additional studies.
The research should be novel and not similar to work carried out or published earlier. Repetition of research topic, may please be avoided. The applicant should explain the aim and benefit of the research for advancing the science of Hair Restoration OR how will it be beneficial for better patient care OR Improving results of Hair Restoration OR Improving the procedure carried out for hair Restoration.
The applicant should be able to clearly demonstrate the need of funds for carrying out the research.Buying equipment from the grant fund shall require AHRS approval. The Grant may not be used for buying laptops, Trichoscan, Folliscope, Software, Tablet PC, Router etc unless approved by AHRS. Not more than 30% of the grant can be spent on buying books or subscriptions to journals.
The utilization of the grant shall be submitted to AHRS with a report and listing of the expenses. All monies are to be spent within 18 months of receipt of the research grant. Recipients of the AHRS Research Grants (lead researcher) will be required to submit an interim progress report to the AHRS Academic Committee six months after the receipt of the award. This report may be published, with editor approval, in the AHRS News. In addition, each recipient may be requested to present the results or an update of the research at the Scientific Meeting of the AHRS. Eventual publication of the research into a reviewed scientific journal is anticipated.
Part of the grant can also be reserved for subsidized surgery or treatment for unaffording patients, burns patients, acid burns and trauma victims.
These research grants will be upto50000/- depending upon the Budget of study.

Eligible Candidates: there will be two categories

How to Apply: By the noted deadline, the candidate should submit the application and materials in electronic format (Word or PDF):

In a separate document, the applicant should provide a short discussion of the aims and relevance of the project including sufficient detail for evaluation by the AHRS Academic committee. He/she should make every effort to be succinct and use figures or tables to summarize the plans. Previously published material may be submitted in support of the application. Should not submit a copy of an application prepared for another grant. The mandatory format is listed below.

Application Process: The last date for application is 1st June, 2017.

The mail should be sent to

The Award committee of the Research Grant will consist of : 1. Hony. President, 2. Immediate Past President 3. Hony. Secretary 4. Academic Committee Chairman 5.Ethical Committee Chairman.

Grant recipients will be recognized at the Haircon.