What It Means to Be “AHRS-India Certified”

Although there are almost 20,000 doctors, paramedics & quacks performing hair-restoration procedures in India, only a handful have success rates with their clients.

One of the objectives of AHRS-India is to act for the benefit of the public to establish specialty standards and to examine surgeons' skill, knowledge and aesthetic judgment in the field of hair restoration.

Peer certification has both public and professional implications. The primary purpose of peer certification of specialists is to assure the public of a doctor’s knowledge and skill. It has implications of professional quality and standing*. As hair restoration surgery in India matured as a discipline, with distinct knowledge and skills, it became apparent that there was a growing need for a certifying association and a certification process. Impetus for development of a certifying process came from the public in the form of many inquiries, asking the AHRS-India and other associations as to how they were to assess the knowledge and skill of a hair restoration surgeon. Hair restoration leaders thus identified an independent certification process as a "self-regulation" mechanism. (However, it is not incumbent on any doctor practising hair restoration surgery to undergo this certification and it may not be an indication of his competence in the field.)

As one of its first actions, the AHRS-India mandated to identify candidates whose knowledge and skill and practice habits are consistent with safe, aesthetically sensitive hair restoration surgery. It gave rise to 2 forms of certification-

The requirements for AHRS-India certification are rigorous and they are-

The Objectives of AHRS-India are to grant “Listed Level” and Associate Level” certification to candidates who meet the highest standards of the medical profession in the field of hair restoration surgery with the express provision that the AHRS will not act as a business or vocational centre.

(*A doctor may include hair restoration surgery in his/her practice, or limit his/her practice to hair restoration surgery, without being AHRS-India certified. This may not necessarily mean that the doctor is any less knowledgeable or experienced than certified peers. Some well-recognized and highly competent hair transplantation doctors have in the past chosen not to pursue AHRS-India certification. These physicians do not have an AHRS-India certified plaque to hang on the office wall; but they are always pleased to answer questions regarding their training, knowledge and experience)